MFL (Spanish)

Languages for life at Holgate academy


Our curriculum help children to develop the skills, knowledge and understanding which are essential to create aspirational and ambitious learners. It does this by focussing on:

  • Inspiring all children to engage in conversations, ask and respond to questions, voice one's opinions, and seek clarification and assistance.
  • Providing children with the essential skills to comprehend and react to spoken and written words from a range of reliable sources.
  • Enabling children to speak with more assurance, fluency, and spontaneity.
  • Supporting children to find ways to communicate what they mean, especially through conversation, questioning and consistently honing their pronunciation and intonation accuracy.

Throughout the Spanish curriculum at Holgate, our children will develop these key language skills:

  • Link the spelling, sound, and meaning of words to study language patterns and sounds through songs and rhymes.
  • Develop clear pronunciation and intonation when reading aloud or utilising common words and phrases so that other people can understand you.
  • Broaden vocabulary and improve their comprehension of new terms that are included into well-known written texts, notably by using a dictionary.
  • Understand the fundamental grammatical rules of the Spanish language, including (where applicable) the feminine, masculine, and neuter forms as well as the conjugation of common verbs; major linguistic traits and patterns; how to use these, for example, to construct sentences; and how these differ from or are similar to English (cognates).



At Holgate, teaching is inclusive of all children and it strives to deepen and widen each child's comprehension of both their own language and other languages, as well as to strengthen and broaden their cultural awareness.

The goal of foreign language instruction at Holgate is to inspire a passion of learning languages in children by encouraging them to ask questions and exercise critical thinking.

Children are introduced to the Spanish language during exciting and engaging lessons that initially teach them how to speak, sing, and answer to inquiries and commands in Spanish.

Learning is emphasised through a variety of methods, from low stakes quizzes to filling in words in a stem sentence. Children will participate in songs that build and reinforce vocabulary, games that promote fluency, and role-playing situations where they may practise expressing their thoughts and responding to those of others.

At the beginning of Year 3 children will begin their languages journey and continue in Years 4, 5 and 6. Children are encouraged to communicate their ideas and thoughts in Spanish as they grow in their ability to do so, as well as to read written communication from guest speakers and respond to it. Regular opportunities for children to immerse themselves in their target language help them expand their vocabulary.

Our curriculum emphasises practical communication and how the structure of the language differs from that of English, assisting students in deepening their comprehension of their native tongues while also gaining proficiency in another.



Children are prepared for the next phase of their education by the time they leave Holgate. Our Spanish curriculum makes sure that children gradually learn, use, and apply a growing vocabulary bank. Children receive a healthy balance of spoken and written language via the breadth and depth of our curriculum, laying the groundwork for future language acquisition. Our curriculum promotes children's lifelong learning and enables them to embark successfully into secondary school, the Key Stage 3 curriculum and beyond with the motivation needed for them to flourish in foreign languages. This includes the need for pupils to feel successful in their learning and equipped to develop their love for languages in the modern world.


Spanish Long Term Map

Spanish Curriculum Overview