Week beginning 13th July

 French - Food Size Carroll Diagram.pdfDownload
 French - Food Size Happy Families Cards.pdfDownload
 French - Lesson Presentation What Did He Eat.pptxDownload
 No. 1. Features of a play script powerpoint.pptxDownload
 No. 10. Reflections worksheet.docxDownload
 No. 11. Shadow puppet theatre.docxDownload
 No. 2. Recognising the features of a play script.pdfDownload
 No. 3. Writing a play script Power point.pptxDownload
 No. 4 . Writing a play script.pdfDownload
 No. 5. My Play Script.pdfDownload
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Week beginning 6th July

 French - Colour Sorting Activity.pdfDownload
 French - Colour Splats Editable.docDownload
 French - Lesson Presentation What Colour Is It.pptxDownload
 No. 1. The mythical story of the Shadow Dancers.docxDownload
 No. 10. Imperative Verbs Word Search.pdfDownload
 No. 11. Light Sources worksheet .docxDownload
 No. 12. Difference between night and day.docxDownload
 No. 13. Night and day worksheet .docxDownload
 No. 14. Light and Shadow.docxDownload
 No. 15. Shadow Stick Investigation.docxDownload
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Week beginning 29th June

 French - Food Preferences Board Game.pdfDownload
 French - Food Preferences Flashcards Black and White.pdfDownload
 French - Lesson Presentation Preferences.pptxDownload
 French - Preference Reminder Sheet Black and White.pdfDownload
 No 1. A Life of Luxury.docxDownload
 No 2. Was Rome a good place to live.docxDownload
 No 3. Build A Banquet Activity PowerPoint.pptDownload
 No. 10. The Legacy of Romans.docxDownload
 No. 11. What was Rome like - worksheet.docxDownload
 No. 12. Rome and its buildings.docxDownload
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Week beginning 22nd June

 No 10. Roman Newspaper Writing Template.pdfDownload
 No 12. Design a Roman Shield Activity Sheet.pdfDownload
 No 12. Design a Roman Shield Activity Sheet.pdfDownload
 No 13. The Roman Army.docDownload
 No 14. Roman soldier recruitment poster.docxDownload
 No 16. Lesson Presentation Please May I Have.pptxDownload
 No 17. Activity Sheet Counting Foods Black and White.pdfDownload
 No 18. Counting Foods Picture Flashcards with Text BW.pdfDownload
 No 2. Why the Iceni tribe were ready to rebel in A.D. 61.docxDownload
 No 3. TV report help sheet.docxDownload
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Week beginning 15th June

 1. Romulus and Remus.docxDownload
 10. Postcard Template.pdfDownload
 11. The Celts PowerPoint.pptDownload
 12. A Day in the Life of a Celt Worksheet.pdfDownload
 13. Caesar’s reasons for wanting to invade Britain.docxDownload
 14. Design a Celtic Warrior Activity Sheet.pdfDownload
 15. Move at Home Romans Workout.pdfDownload
 16. French -Lesson Presentation The Very Greedy Dog.pptxDownload
 17 . French -Story Script The Very Greedy Dog Black and White.pdfDownload
 18. Activity Sheet The Very Greedy Dog Black and White.pdfDownload
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Week beginning 8th June

 100s, 10s and 1s cards.docxDownload
 Bryan Wynter’s river painting ‘Green confluence’.docxDownload
 French - Clothes 2 Activity.docxDownload
 French - Lesson Presentation Clothes 2.pptxDownload
 French - Vocabulary Flashcards Clothes 2.pdfDownload
 Make a water cycle in a bag.docxDownload
 River Journey Poem.docxDownload
 River poems.docxDownload
 water cycle poster.pdfDownload
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Week beginning 1st June

 Advert word mat.docDownload
 identifying key features of a leaflet.docxDownload
 info sheet - The United States of America.docxDownload
 label world map .docxDownload
 Leaflet about Budapest.docxDownload
 leaflet template.docxDownload
 Marking ladder Travel brochure.docxDownload
 Maths Overview.docxDownload
 USA Fact File.docxDownload
 Week 10 Day 1.docxDownload
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Week beginning 18th May

 Br’er Rabbit and the Briar Patch. A tale from the USA.docxDownload
 Dear parents-J Duffy week 8.docxDownload
 Fable Marking Ladder.docxDownload
 France Fact File.docxDownload
 French - Activity Sheet Action Words.pdfDownload
 French - Lesson Presentation Actions.pptxDownload
 French - Spinner Action Words.pdfDownload
 french food - activity.docxDownload
 french food - information.docxDownload
 Maths Booklet.docxDownload
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Week beginning 11th May

 French - Body Parts Worksheet.docxDownload
 French - Lesson Presentation My Body.pptxDownload
 French - My Body Small Picture Flashcards BW.pdfDownload
 French - Vocabulary Flashcards My Body BW.pdfDownload
 lesson 1 Powerpoint.ppsxDownload
 Making of the union jack.docxDownload
 maths booklet.docxDownload
 Prepositions booklet.docxDownload
 The Tale of Chicken licken.docxDownload
 The United Kingdom fact file.docxDownload
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Year 3

Useful websites:

IXL Maths and English Practice






 https://www.hamilton-trust.org.uk/ (free account)

 www.twinkl.com  (a teaching resource website) are offering everyone a free month membership. Just use the code CVDTWINKLHELPS to access your free month.


Daily maths work will be sent home to parents via email. on the White Rose website (https://whiterosemaths.com/homelearning/) there are videos to help you and your child/ren with different aspects of mathematics.

 French Games:

- Colours:



- Numbers:




Fruit https://www.digitaldialects.com/French/Fruit.htm

French Easter Challenge:

Draw and colour a picture. Label the colours you've used in french.

Play a game and say all of the numbers in french. For example, rolling a dice..."C'est huit!", landing on a numbered square..."c'est vingt!"


W/C 4th May

 1. VE Day Bunting.pdfDownload
 10. Winston Churchill fact-file.pdfDownload
 11. Fact File Template.pdfDownload
 12. Map.docxDownload
 2. Diary entry.docxDownload
 3. What is VE day.docxDownload
 4. KS2 VE Day Reading For Understanding.pdfDownload
 5. Eating for VE day.docxDownload
 6. Phonetic alphabet.docxDownload
 7. VE Day Morse Code Challenge.pdfDownload
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Week beginning 27th April

 Conjunctions Word Mat.pdfDownload
 Diamond story planning sheet .docxDownload
 Diamond story planning sheet example.docxDownload
 Earth's layers Information Sheet.docxDownload
 Examples of famous diamonds.docxDownload
 Fossil Facts worksheet.docxDownload
 Fossil Information sheet.docxDownload
 Fossil worksheet.docxDownload
 French - Food worksheet.pdfDownload
 Hundreds booklet.docxDownload
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week beginning 20th April 2020

 Addition guidance.docxDownload
 BBC Bitesize.docxDownload
 Being a rock detective.docxDownload
 French - Picnic Food.docxDownload
 Make your own volcano.docxDownload
 Marking ladder promotional leaflet.docxDownload
 Maths booklet.docxDownload
 Subtraction guidance.docxDownload
 Volcano facts booklet.docxDownload
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 Mrs Duffy's Easter bingo.docxDownload
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 Mrs Duffy wb 30th March
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 Year 3 Closure
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