Identified members of school staff have volunteered to administer medicines to children at school because we know it helps working families and helps to minimise days missed by children through absence. There is no legal obligation for staff to do this and so we ask parents to follow the steps below carefully.

If pupils have an infectious illness  they must be absent from school for the required period.

Parents are expected to follow the guidance of their G.P or medical professional in regards to school attendance.

Administration of medicines is given  strictly in line with our Administration of Medicine Policy.

Medication must only enter school via Breakfast Club staff with the required form and labelled medication with the child's name or via the school office. Medication must never be given to pupils to handed in or to teaching staff.

For pupils with long term medical needs, medication will be covered through the Medical Health Plan which is drawn up with parents and the support of medical staff.

We will refuse to administer medication if  the above steps have not been followed.

Request for medication to be administered at school