We wish to take this opportunity, to welcome you to Orrell Holgate Academy

The PSFA is a group of Parents, Staff and others committed to helping provide Orrell Holgate with sufficient resources to maintain the standards of excellence for which the School is renowned.  It is not a club that you have to join, as a parent you are automatically a member and our various events are open to every Holgate child and their family and friends.

Our method of fund raising is to organise entertaining and inexpensive events. Our functions enable children and adults to mix socially in school in an informal, relaxed atmosphere. We prefer that you support functions because you find them enjoyable and value for money, rather than feeling obliged to because you have a child in school.

During the school year we normally fund a show for reception children and provide help with funds for Christmas parties and swimming lessons.  We organise about four fundraising events (eg. summer fair, family disco, fancy dress walk and use schemes like collections of clothes, mobile phones and ink cartridges to raise money). At the meeting for new parents, held towards the end of the summer term, you will be able to find out in detail the why, what and how of what we do, how the funds are spent, and learn how you can help, either in a practical way or by offering new ideas.

Just as the children leaving school next July are being replaced by your children, so their parents are being replaced by yourselves.  There are vacancies on the committee almost every year as parents leave along with their children.  Please consider joining the committee or consider helping with our activities as this is vital if our important fund raising activities are to continue.  Being involved with the PSFA offers a chance to become involved in school life and more fully share in what is for our children one of life’s great experiences; let school be more than just a building where your child goes to be educated.

To plagiarise a famous quotation:  “Ask not what your school can do for you, but what you can do for your school.”


If you would like to contact the PSFA please speak to Mrs Yates in the school office or Joanne Piper (Chair of the PSFA) via the school office.