Stronger Together

Greengate Academy Trust was established in 2017 to formalise the collaborative partnership between schools that, despite having many differences, share a common ethos and a firm belief that collaboration not competition make us stronger.  There are two academies in our Trust, Orrell Holgate and Orrell Lamberhead Green

Collective responsibility is the foundation to the Trust. Greengate believe that successful schools partnerships have shared values not standardization as the foundation to all their work. Our Trust is led by our shared values, creating an identity and shared accountability for what happens in our individual school and in all the other schools in the Trust; we should be as concerned about the performance of a child in Y3 in another school as we are in our own. Our staff should be as proud to work for the Trust as they do for each individual school.


If you wish to speak with either the Interim CEO (Gail Worrall) or the CFD (Lucia Morris), please use the contact details for Greengate Academy Trust.  -  01942 768760