Religious Education

Religious Education for Life at Holgate Academy 


Our religious curriculum aims to provide children with a rich and sensitive discourse about both religious and secular traditions of the world.  

Our school mission statement, ‘Learning for Life’ ensures we provide an intellectually challenging and personally enriching curriculum that encourages children to make sense of their world whilst forming their own opinions and beliefs. We promote children’s spiritual, moral, social and cultural development encouraging their development into responsible citizens. 

  • We look at ‘uniqueness’ and ‘belonging’, discussing what they mean. 
  • We study a variety of celebrations for example, Easter, Diwali and Ramadan. 
  • We discuss faith in a variety of religions and why some people ‘do not believe’. 
  • We study several faiths in greater depth, including differing beliefs and traditions in worship and pilgrimage. 
  • We study sacred texts, symbols, places and people. 
  • Studying charities and inspiring people help to develop children’s moral compass. 
  • We analyse and compare the religious and secular beliefs surrounding the creation of the world. 


In Religious Education, we implement an inclusive, literacy rich, coherent and well-sequenced curriculum that focuses on crucial knowledge. We ensure that children build up a subject specific concept that is studied in a variety of different contexts on numerous occasions throughout their primary years. That includes religious and secular concepts, vocabulary and a focus on retrieving that knowledge. This supports children in retaining their knowledge long term. 

  • We teach pupils subject specific vocabulary in order for them to access religious texts effectively. 
  • Children are encouraged to make links between content based on prior knowledge. 
  • We learn about historical and cultural aspects of religion through education about sacred spaces. 
  • We provide many opportunities throughout each topic to discuss reflect and evaluate what they have learnt. 


Our well-designed Religious Education curriculum ensures that children can make links between a variety of faiths and secular traditions. Children develop a deep understanding of faith and differing views within faiths. They are encouraged to ask thought provoking questions and develop their own opinions. They develop a deep sense of citizenship and become active citizens in their community and the wider world. 

RE Long Term Map

RE Curriculum Document