Geography For Life at Holgate Academy


Geography holds a pivotal role in our curriculum, serving as a source of motivation and inspiration through clearly throughout specific geographical learning that captivates and challenges all learners. Our aim is to kindle curiosity and fascination about the world children inhabit, fostering their enjoyment in discovering diverse global communities and the intricate relationships between people and their environments. Through our curriculum, we empower children to embrace Global Citizenship, fostering an awareness of the wider world and their role within it. We encourage them to actively engage in their community and collaborate with others to promote a more peaceful, sustainable, and equitable planet. We aspire to nurture a deep passion for our planet and inspire active involvement in its environmental protection. Our aim is to give children a clear understanding of physical and human geography, an understanding on place and location as well as developing an in-depth knowledge ok key geographical skills and fieldwork.

Our Geography curriculum is meticulously crafted to deepen knowledge and cultivate essential skills. We are committed to ensuring meaningful progression within each geography unit and across all age groups. Our school values, distinct identity, and our school's mission statement, "Learning for Life," underpin our curriculum and guide every facet of our work at Orrell Holgate.



In our Geography program, we implement an inclusive curriculum that aligns with the National Curriculum's statutory requirements, encompassing four primary areas of learning at each key stage: place, location, human and physical geography, and geographical skills and fieldwork.

Our curriculum is thoughtfully designed, offering literacy-rich opportunities that establish sophisticated connections between subjects to promote coherence across the entire curriculum.

At the commencement of each Geography unit, children demonstrate and recap their prior knowledge, which informs our planning and teaching. We devise a series of engaging lessons with clear learning objectives based on knowledge and skills, accompanied by subject-specific vocabulary. Assessment tasks are thoughtfully designed to identify and understand progress, knowledge, and comprehension. Teachers evaluate geography learning against knowledge and skills-based objectives outlined in unit overviews.

Our curriculum is delivered through highly effective "quality first teaching," leveraging a variety of resources. Enrichment opportunities, such as outdoor learning, visits from inspiring guest speakers, and Geography field trips, provide our children with enriching experiences that enhance teaching, learning, and knowledge acquisition.

Our Geography curriculum actively promotes children's Spiritual, Moral, Social, and Cultural development, ensuring that they evolve into reflective and responsible citizens. We actively instil Fundamental British Values in geography lessons to equip children for life in contemporary Britain.



Our carefully and coherently planned Geography curriculum ensures that children have the necessary knowledge to be competent geographers, ready for the next step in their educational journey, high school. Children acquire the geographic skills necessary to gather, analyse, and convey data, as well as interpret a range of geographical sources, including maps, globes, and aerial photographs. Children become adept at communicating information through various means, including maps, numerical and quantitative skills, and a wide range of literacy skills.

Through the comprehensive and in-depth exposure provided by our Geography curriculum, our children acquire a broad understanding of the world they inhabit. They comprehend, as responsible citizens, the imperative of caring for and preserving the planet for future generations.


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